Garage Door Break In Prevention

Why You Need Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Service?

There are lots of things that could cause a garage door opener to break down. Some of these could be fixed easily; others will need replacing the entire unit. With the exemption of the costly garage door openers, the mainstream are made of plastic components that could strip away or smash once the door is not in a good working condition. Oftentimes though, it’s all a matter of understanding some tricks and tips. Below are some of the reasons why you need a garage door opener repair service.

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Safety Eye Malfunction or Misalignment

The security eyes are the sensors which are situated at the base of the garage door on every side approximately six inches above the ground. They have been compulsory since year 1990s, however when you have older garage door opener, there’s a possibility it will not have them skip. They are accountable for stopping the downward travel of the garage door when the beam is fracture, returning it back to the top. In the event of a pet or small kid tries to go out while the garage door is going down.

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Sign of the Safety Eyes Misaligned or Now Working

The remote control will not close the garage door and the wall station will not close it unless you grasp the button till it closes all the way. First ensure nothing is blocking the beam. And then check to know if the small LED lights are lit on each of the safety eye boxes. Once one is lit, however the rest is not-twist the safety eye bracket of the eye which isn’t lit around until it sees other side and the LED come back on. Once light is on, check the wiring of the case, often times the wires are clipped.